The Powerful Appeal Of Video Advertising

Verge GamotanMay 9, 2019

The challenge in storytelling lies in how you can convey your message to an audience, especially in a media landscape where attention can easily pan to more interesting materials.

Because the goal of media communication is to reach an audience, it is imperative that the needs of the audience are acknowledged.

For this reason, it did not come as a surprise that the video format in storytelling has become the easiest form of communicating to an audience because they can be easily understood in the shortest time period.

At Invesso, we have seen how video advertising revolutionized our clients’ business. Video advertising has the power to create a connection between the company and the consumers to bring about brand awareness, loyalty and following.

We listed down a few reasons why video advertising is a powerful sales and marketing tool. You should consider it as part of your marketing and sales endeavors:

#1 Multi-sensory appeal

Video advertising appeals to multiple senses as it incorporates audio and visual elements in one product.

In the last three years, we have seen the birth of web pages and social media sites that delve on one specific topic: FOOD! These pages concentrate on making videos, which showcase how-to steps and emphasize the ingredients of various dishes. There is the visual appeal of the video that makes you want to take out the food from the screen and the audio appeal of the sizzling steak on the hot plate. The sharp and clear shots entice your senses of smell, taste and touch; you could swear that you can actually smell the chicken broth, taste the five-cheese pizza, and touch the warm apple pie.

Video advertising makes all of these possible.

#2 Shareable content

When it comes to the business of digital marketing, shareable content can spell the difference between failure and success. Because videos are quick and easy to digest, it is no wonder that they are readily and instantaneously shared by content consumers. When shot, produced and edited well, video advertising has the power to speak to people’s interests and even change their mindsets and views on various issues that plague society.

Video advertising also has the potential to elicit strong emotions — happiness, anger, surprise, disgust, anticipation, arousal — that can motivate them to share the content. If the video content affirms the consumers’ beliefs, they are more likely to share these videos. Video advertising thus has the potential to generate new followers with its shareable content.

The question then is: “How do we create shareable content?”

The general rule of thumb is: When you decide to delve into video advertising, make sure you are equipped with the right people and equipment. If you do not have these requirements, your output will look amateur and desperate, which can drive away potential supporters. Your original purpose of creating new followers will be lost.

In creating video content for advertising, make sure that the narrative is clear and that it mirrors the product’s identity and aspirations. Here is a behind-the-scenes look of how we made Christa Tuna to show our point.

#3 SEO advantage

Remember what they say about a picture having the ability to paint a thousand words?

Now, think about videos.

A video can definitely do more than what a single picture can do!

Having an engaging and interesting video means that your audience will share your video. Most video advertising outputs are short and can be viewed on any platform. This very nature provides ease of access apart from content immersion.

All of these elements put together — again, if done well — will translate to a longer “dwell time.” Dwell time is the length of time that a viewer watch the videos. Longer dwell time is good news because Google will detect this and will see this as valuable! Simply put, if your audience have longer dwell time, your page or site will be ranked higher in the list. This means, better search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

The Invesso Experience

The best marketing teams know that videos have the power to grow brand awareness and drive leads. More importantly, they help establish a genuine connection between a business and its customers.

But it is one thing to create video content that will build awareness.

In a media landscape where everyone can create content — including videos — the challenge is how to create video content that will engage viewers and followers and will bring out product recall and brand loyalty using videos as a tool.

Let Invesso help bring out the best of your company’s products and services. We can work together to create video advertising materials that appeal to a vast audience which appreciates engaging and inspiring content.

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