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At Invesso, we constantly look forward to working with our clients to create a unique and unparallel business relationship. Apart from helping our clients create engaging videos with rich visuals and innovative concepts, we also want to help our clients gain success in both their marketing and business development process. By working with us, our clients can be assured that we will create more value than just videography.

Brand & Corporate Video

A corporate video can set an ideal brand image to attract the right audience. With a well-made video that demonstrates your company's values and unique selling points within a matter of seconds to minutes, you will be able to set yourself apart from your competitors and have a better chance at lead conversion.

At Invesso Video, we specialize in thorough analysis and research of your brand and seek to understand the ideal brand image you wish to portray. As such, we can assure you that each video we make for your company will be different and tailored-made to your needs.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion graphics and animation can communicate across complicated concepts with ease, as well as visually engage your audience at the same time.

Our team of experts will work alongside you in creating a video that is in line with your business, and yet break new boundaries in improving your audience's understanding of your business.

Product Video

At Invesso Video, we believe in showcasing more than just a pretty design. Our team will create video concepts that showcase the functionality of your products and accentuate the differentiating factors your product possesses as compared to your competitors

By combining the immersive and interactive in a video, we are confident of producing a product video that will draw more interest in your product.

Interview & Testimonials

Interview and testimonial videos associate a human face to the reviews on your business. This boosts credibility and increases the likelihood of prospects converting to customers.

Create a professional testimonial video with us to ensure that these videos are not only effective, but also exciting.

Social Media Videos

What is the most viewed and engaged content on social media nowadays? If you didn't know before, it is the age of video content. From short comedic skits to long heartbreaking stories, social media videos have great power in converting viewers to followers and buyers.

With our years of experience in dealing with social media algorithms and trends, we will produce relevant and engaging videos that cater to your target audience.

Events Videography

You have a magnificent event set up, now what? Make the best moments of your event everlasting ones by creating a memorable video that rivals the impressive impact of your physical event.

Let our video team bring the magic of your event to your audience as well by capturing the highlights in the best light possible and re-imagining them in the form of a video that is sure to impress.

Creating More Value Than Just Video Making

Creating Value From Just Video

At Invesso, we seek to build long term business relationships with our clients. We do not only want to create a video for our clients but also hope to make a positive impact on their business development & marketing. With our marketing consultancy experience, we will create more value than a typical videographer. At the same time, we understand the challenges faced when running a business and will work closely with our clients to create a successful video making project that delivers results and is cost-effective. There’s no project too big or small for us, we just want success for you.

From $1500

Short Clips

From $2300

Corporate Video

From $2800

Motion Graphic & Animation

Production Process

Laying the Solid Groundwork

Upon your approval of the concept, a storyboard will be made. All necessary preparations including the scouting of locations, assembling of professionals, crew members and props will be made as well.

Information gathering is the first stage in which we actively conduct research on your company and develop a better understanding of your needs. This is essential to our brainstorming process for innovative concepts for your brand.

The Process of Filming On Location

In certain scenarios and/or circumstances, the production team may require to work privately with the talents involved. For optimal recording of dialogues and/or sounds, everyone will be instructed to maintain absolute silence or leave the premises while recording is in session.

Perfecting Your Video With Some Finishing Touches

You will be given a Rough Cut, a basic edit that will contain imperfections, for it is only meant for establishing a rough idea of how the overall mood and pacing of the video will be like.

If there are no changes to be made, upon approval, the post-production team will proceed to Picture Lock. This stage in the editing process is when all basic adjustments have been made and approved. In other words, nothing can be changed from here on.

The post-production team will then make significant improvements and finally, deliver the Fine Cut which is essentially the “finished product”.

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